Motor Vehicle Accident application that collects real-time data.

You chose this profession to fight fires, handle emergencies, and protect the public – not to do paperwork.

Here’s the truth: Every minute you save on clerical efforts and fundraising means more time you can devote to your primary job. innovaPad can help.

Are you among the many firefighters who think cost recovery paperwork is one of the worst parts of the job? You have to collect and remember lots of information from the incident scene. Then you have to transcribe that information into extensive mandated reports. In many departments, it’s a two-step process: jot down notes at the scene, then recall and re-enter the information into a computer back at the station. Some departments have mobile data terminals in their vehicles to make this an easier task – but much of the data still has to be entered manually.

innovaPad is different. How does it work?

We use the power of the iPad and our patent-pending innovaPad system to collect and process this data
incredibly quickly – while the first responder is at the scene.

• Using the innovaPad app on the iPad – the firefighter rapidly collects the information needed for a NFIRS report…often in 1/5 the usual time.
• The incident data collected in the field is securely transferred to our cloud servers.
• Our agents review NFIRS reports and scene notes collected with the innovaPad mobile application suite. When requested, incidents involving traffic accidents, vehicle fires, commercial structure fires, and hazmat can be put through our cost recovery program, and our insurance department will automatically file a claim to recover accident cleanup costs on behalf of the fire department.


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