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How does innovaPad work?
innovaPad provides your department with our innovaPad app. You take the iPad to the scene and collect information about your response and the incident on the spot. You will be able to use your iPad to complete a NFIRS report in about 20 percent of the usual time — and with greater accuracy.
innovaPad cost recovery on the iPad is so intuitive…

• Photograph the scene and insurance cards and scan drivers’ licenses and registrations.
• Email Page 1 of the NFIRS along with a short narrative—and you’re almost finished.
• Transfer data securely from the iPad to innovaPad’s cloud servers.

If you use innovaPad’s cost-recovery program, innovaPad accesses your information, and handles the entire claims process, automatically filing and pursuing an insurance claim to recover costs on your behalf. For its services, innovaPad receives a small portion of the funds collected for your department. The rest can be used to fund other technologies and replace some of your used or damaged equipment.

What is my commitment to innovaPad?
We offer customized agreements to meet the needs of your department. You may opt to terminate at any time.

Are there any up-front costs?
No. As long as you have an iPad 2 or newer, we will provide the application, and train your fire personnel.



How do we get going?

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