How it works

Faster, easier, and more accurate reports? That’s just smart.
Through better and more accurate reporting, innovaPad can improve ISO ratings, provide easy to access information for grant applications, and reduce fire department liability and risk.

innovaPad is the only mobile system that collects information in real time. Less error from memory-loss or human interpretation. Incident reports partially completed before even returning to the station. Real time, more detailed reports mean more accuracy and better results.

And a built in cost recovery program that pays for it all? Even smarter.

As the U.S. population continues to grow, municipalities all over the country face ever-increasing service costs, shrinking budgets, and constant opposition to raising local taxes. This forces fire departments to rely on fundraisers, grants, and sponsorships just to keep equipment and personnel current, and afford new technology.

The good news? innovaPad can help.

innovaPad’s built-in cost recovery program brings all the benefits of mobile technology to you free of cost, and may even help fund the cost of new equipment without passing the burden on to your community.

innovaPad’s cost recovery system examines the information you collect for your incident reports, and collects the expenses of incident response from the insurance of at-fault individuals.

Your department is mobile.

Your reporting process should be, too.

innovaPad is the only incident response technology that leverages the mobile power of the iPad to more efficiently create and file the necessary reports.

• Fire stations begin a mobile program by signing on with innovaPad.
• We load iPads with our proprietary app.
• Fire officers use the app to collect information for a National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) report digitally – eliminating handwritten or MDT entries.
• We file claims with the at-fault individual’s insurance.
• Your fire department recovers some of their costs and affords the latest technology, leaving more time for hands on support and rescue of your communities.


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