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Deadly Unprepared

Hundreds of pages of documents from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were released last Wednesday detailing the final fatal hours of the commercial scuba diving vessel Conception that was engulfed in flames off the coast of Santa Barbara on September 2 of last year. The Associated Press reports that while the cause of the fire remains undetermined, witness testimony… Read more →

Fire Departments Billing for Accident Clean Ups.

Cost recovery for fire-based emergency response services is becoming a more familiar concept for cities, counties and their fire departments. Fire-based billing for emergency medical services is already an SOP for many fire departments, and a variety of companies can assist them with billing the individuals who receive the medical services. Newer to the fire service is the concept of… Read more →

The Fire Fighter’s Dilemma

The Senate Veteran Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee published a report titled The Challenges of Fire Fighting Today in the 2013-2014 Legislative Session of the US Senate. In it, they identify the biggest hurdle for firefighters and Fire Departments to be a lack of money.  Among the solutions suggested is to allow fire companies to charge fees. Innovapad helps fire departments maintain… Read more →